1. AussieSculpture New Member

    Australia English
    Someone said this to me:
    "Are you ok? You sounded a little je ne sais qua yesterday." ...what does it mean?
  2. Douglas Senior Member

    When the cat's away, the mice do play. I'll give my two cents worth. It is:
    "Je ne sais pas quoi" and it's meaning would be I don't know what. As I understand it: "Are you OK? You sounded a little 'how should I say it' yesterday. . . "
  3. AussieSculpture New Member

    Australia English
    Thank you ...that makes sense....appreciated Douglas
  4. Le Pamplemousse

    Le Pamplemousse Senior Member

    USA, English
    Though, I've never heard the "pas", at least in the English idiomatic phrase. It's always "Je ne sais quoi".
  5. Danse Macabre Senior Member

    France (french)
    "Je ne sais quoi" = "I don't know what".

    "Un je ne sais quoi" = "something"
  6. Gil Senior Member

    Français, Canada
    Source: TLFi
  7. xav

    xav Senior Member

    Correct, dear Pamplemousse, in French too, when used as noun ("un je ne sais quoi").

    In more usual sentences, it may change :
    "Je ne sais que dire" (written) = "je ne sais pas quoi dire" (oral).

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