je ne suis pas ennuyeux

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  1. btluna New Member

    When my ancestor left home to migrate west he supposedly said "Je ne suis pas ennuyeux."

    Was he saying he wasn't boring, as in not a boring person? Or he didn't want to be bored??
  2. thbruxelles Senior Member

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    As such, I understand: I am not a boring person
  3. OLN

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    ennuyer can be embêter, contrarier

    ennuyeux can mean désagréable, gênant (not much used nowadays to describe people, but in what century did he says that? :) )
  4. btluna New Member

    Thank you both for the help. :)

    It was in 1886.
  5. Maly-Pier New Member

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    It means that he could spend a lot of time away from his relatives and friends without missing them too much. Not that he did not like them, he was just an independent person. I am looking for the translation of this 'ennuyeux' meaning in English, but I feel like it is used only in Quebec. Independent would be the closest meaning.
  6. Reynald Senior Member

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    I agree with you, Maly-Pier. Why would someone leaving home to migrate say that he's not a boring person? That does not make sense.

    ENNUYEUX. Qui est porté à s'ennuyer : Je me plais bien ici ; je ne suis pas ennuyeux.
    Ne mettez pas cet enfant au collège ; il n'apprendra pas : il est trop ennuyeux.

    Français acadien

    S'ennuyer d'habitude. Ex : Je suis incapable de m'absenter de chez moi pour plus d'une semaine, je suis trop ennuyeux.
    Français québécois

    Alors, une phrase avec homesick peut-être ? I will not be homesick ? I never feel homesick ?
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  7. Maly-Pier New Member

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    Ohhh great Reynald ! I never feel homesick... that's just the best translation ever ! :)

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