je ne veux pas vous déranger si vous êtes en famille


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mmmm... a ''real'' Frenchman send me this who lives in France for his whole life haha.. So he wants to keep talking?

The other day when i asked him '' are you afraid of me? i won't bite he'' sended this:
Non mais je ne veux pas vous déranger si vois êtes en famille

Also did not get exactly what he meant by this...
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    Goedenavond Daniele,

    I think the right translation would be : "[...] I don't want to impose if you are (currently) with (your) family"
    That may be sincere, or it may be just diplomacy to skip your conversation.
    THat's hard to say if he really wants to keep on chatting with you.

    By the way, what do you mean with "real" Frenchman ? In other words : what the "" are standing for here ? is he just pretending to be French ? not really one ?

    Tot ziens!
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    more usually - "I don't want to disturb you if you're with your family" (perhaps he doesn't want your husband or partner to know he's after you :))


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    Yes, Broglet, exactly what I would have said (I dId not know "impose" in this meaning). But I am not a native and when I checked Cambridge seriously, "impose" seemed to be correct, so I remained quiet (but learnt something more:)).
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