je suis ravi d'avoir

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  1. wally007 Senior Member

    comment dit-on en anglais :je suis ravi d'avoir eu de tes nouvelles

    my try : I'm delighted about hearing from you

    does it sound good?
  2. Approximately how old are you and who are you saying this to ( what context)?
  3. wally007 Senior Member

    I'm 16 years old
    I was looking for sentence with which I could begin a text ( an exam for instance )
    it'd be a reply to a good friend of mine so I wanted to say :I'm very happy about hearing from you
  4. berrac Senior Member

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    French - France
    Je dirais "I've been delighted to hear from you", mais ne suis point natif!
  5. It was really nice to hear from you.
    It made me happy to hear from you.
    I was really happy...

    In an American English context, you're definitely too young to say "delighted," it's NOT for a teenager. I don't know about the UK/British English.
  6. wally007 Senior Member

  7. oDnB Senior Member

    "It's great to hear from you" also works
  8. xaipete Senior Member

    Green Bay, WI, USA
    English - U.S.
    I'm delighted to have heard from you.
    I was delighted to hear from you.

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