je t'aime toujours

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  1. Trekaro New Member

    Australia - English
    I recently received an E-Mail completely in french, replied asking if the person spoke English, and they added me to MSN and spoke more French! I have no idea what they're trying to ask!

    If somebody could transfer the following it'd be greatly appretiated, it'd help me work out just exactely what's going on. (This is the E-Mail I got sent initially).:

    Subject : salut

    je t aime toujoure d epeche toi de me donner le site internet ou lon se parle entre nous

    bissou leila
  2. polaire Senior Member

    English, United States
    You're supposed to make your own attempt first. I will say that the message appears to have some typos (unless it's email slang) It should read:

    je t'aime toujours dépêche-toi de me donner le site internet l'on se parle entre nous
  3. Trekaro New Member

    Australia - English
    Sorry! I would, but I don't know any French any have only really learned Spanish/Japanese and can't speak either incredibly well.

    I T like toujoure D epeche you to give myself Internet site or lon speaks itself between us bissou leila

    Was all I could work out using one of the online French-English translators.

    I appretiate the response though, thanks.
  4. kyu Member

    France, French
    I still love you. Hurry up and give me the website where we can chat together.

    If you don't know the person, then that email looks like a spam.
  5. Harry Batt

    Harry Batt Senior Member

    USA English
    I think the lady wants you to hurry up and seng [give] her the site where you and her can carry on an intimate conversation.
  6. Trekaro New Member

    Australia - English
    Thanks so much for the translation, everybody. I don't know the person so i'm going to hope it's spam. :|

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