Je te (vous) dis à bientôt

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  1. anahata08 New Member

    My ex boyfriend that lives on the other side of the word signed off his e-mail with

    Je te dit a bientot et je t'embrasse.

    How do a bientot and je te dit a bientot.

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  2. SwissPete

    SwissPete Senior Member

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    Français (CH), AE (California)
    Je te dis à bientôt et je t'embrasse.

    À bientôt = see you / talk to you soon.

    Je te dis = I am telling you / I am saying to you.
  3. anahata08 New Member

    Thank you for your reply. I understand the trnaslation, but what is the subtle difference.....Is there no difference? Or an I going to see him soon? Is it a subtle message?

    Thank you for your thoughts
  4. chuann6

    chuann6 Senior Member

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    English India

    I'm saying bye, or let's say bye bye!
  5. Jab'

    Jab' Senior Member

    Belgium - French

    No subtle message here...maybe he told you "a bientôt" because he will send a new e-mail soon :)

    Love, exciting and new, come aboard, we are expecting youuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  6. chuann6

    chuann6 Senior Member

    New Delhi
    English India
    I definitely agree. There's no big difference....and sorry I meant see /talk to you soon.
  7. PGalbe Senior Member

    " Je vous dis à très bientôt "
    What does this mean. It is used as a closing of a letter and makes no sense to me.
    " I say to you very soon " ??
  8. max_france Banned

    Je vous dis à très bientôt = à + ( "à plus" short for "à plus tard")
  9. miyamoto.musashi

    miyamoto.musashi Senior Member

    I'll tell you shortly. You don't need the "à".
  10. PGalbe Senior Member

    Thank you for that, but I received this ages ago, and I was not "told" anything else. Not sooner (shortly), or later...
    I'm wondering if french is not the writer's first language and she is just trying to say "see you soon". It is at the end of each letter.
  11. Angelique2mars New Member

    I completely disagree with miyamoto (sorry), and you're right PGalbe. "je vous dis a tres bientot" is a spoken sentence that means : I'm telling you "see you soon", and that you can translate simply by "see you soon".
  12. PGalbe Senior Member

    Ah ha! Many thanks. "See you soon"..."Je vous dis à très bientôt ".
  13. margaret.matlock New Member

    i received an email that ended with "je te dis à bientôt"

    Is it clear to you whether he means 'i will tell you soon' or is does he mean something like "i am telling you 'à bientôt'". the email was about us having a more professional relationship, so does that mean to emphasize that he is saying 'à bientôt' instead of his usually 'bisous'?
  14. Donaldos

    Donaldos Senior Member

    French - France
    C'est la seconde interprétation qui est la bonne.

    Il aurait simplement pu écrire "à bientôt".

    P.S. : I will tell you soon = je te le dirai bientôt
  15. boly666 Member

    near Paris
    si je ne m'abuse "je te dis à bientôt" c'est comme "see you later". (?)
  16. The Prof

    The Prof Senior Member

    How about, "I'll say goodbye (for now)"?
    It is the closest expression that I can think of in English that is used to end correspondence.

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