Je vais bien, merci

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  1. JackFrost New Member

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    Bonjour again...

    I have a phrase book to assist in my learning but it is confusing me, and I wondered if someone might be able to help me please.

    The answer to the question "Comment alles vous?" is shown as
    "Je vais bien, merci"

    shouldn't that be "Je suis bien, merci"?

    Also I have heard "Comment alles vous?" as "Comment ca va?"
    Is that correct ? (c'est juste?)

    Any assistance would be appreciated
    thank you - merci
  2. BillyTheBanana Senior Member

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    No. I think you're trying to literally translate from English, which doesn't work here (nor does it hardly ever). If you want to say how you're doing (i.e. how your day is, etc.), you use the verb aller. (Allez and vais are both forms of aller.)
    Yes, the second is a more informal way. It's also very common to simply ask, ça va ? It all means the same thing-- "How are you?", "How's it goin'?", etc.

    I should add that in your answer, you may replace "je vais" with "ça va" for a more informal response. i.e.

    --Salut Jacques, ça va ?
    --Oui, ça va, et toi ?
    --Moi je ne vais pas très bien aujourd'hui...


    --Hey, Jack, how ya doin'?
    --I'm good, you?
    --Actually I'm not doing so well today...
  3. JackFrost New Member

    Outback WA
    Australia English
    Thanks Billy, excellent. I have learned more from this forum in the last few days of reading it than the last 6 weeks of playing the Learn French CD in my car.
  4. SwissPete

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  5. tilt

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    Je suis bien is possible to say, but it means the same as Je me sens bien, i.e. I feel good, I'm comfortable.

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