Je viendrais avec plaisir

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Hi all,

I was wondering what would be the best translation for "je viendrais avec plaisir".

I can't think of anything else but "i'd love to come", which is quite different.
I know that the expression "with pleasure" exists, and thought of "it would be my pleasure to come" but I find it quite formal as I am only replying to a co-worker's email.

Any idea?

  • Teafrog

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    UK English (& rusty French…)
    Also: I'd be delighted to attend (if it's a formal invitation for an 'official' event)
    If you re answering a friend : "I'd like to come but..." sounds suitable...
    the last thread answers seems quite formal to me, and "I'd love to" is maybe strong, isn't it ?

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