Je vous en prie & De Rien

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  1. nohams Member

    what is the difference between "Je Vous Enprie" & "De Rien"? in which situations to I say the first and which do I use the second?

    Please reply as soon as possible...

    Thanks in advance
  2. pieanne

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    Hello, Nohams, welcome!

    If you thank someone for something, that person may answer either "Je vous en prie", or "de rien".

    If you ask for say a permission: "May I open the window?", your interlocutor may answer "Je vous en prie", but not "De rien".
  3. Fanfan la Tulipe Member

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    Both phrases are good... There may be a slight difference of usage, because "Je vous en prie" is more formal than "De rien":you won't use that one with friends!
    You could also say "Avec plaisir".
  4. Fanfan la Tulipe Member

    French, Belgium
    Pieanne is right. I didn't think of that second context.
    But when you answer to thanks, you can use both.

  5. Welcome to the forums Nohams. :)

    I am not a francophone but I would say that "Je vous en prie" is rather more formal than ""De rien".

    Please wait for more explanations.

  6. nohams Member

    Thanks to all for the help :)

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