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    Hi there :

    I'm translating the different job positions in our company for my class and I came across with the job: Jefe de Caja . I'm not very sure how to translate it , this person is in charge of different things such as preparing checks, paying some of the company's expenses and he also manages cash. (In limited amounts)

    My attempts are:

    Chief Cash Desk
    Chief Cash Flow
    Chief Treasure

    But I'm just not satisfied so I' d really appreciate your help folks :)
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    I think you mean "Treasurer," not "Treasure."
    None of your three suggestions (as written) describe a job title or position (held by a person). They may be operations within a company.

    For the position, Chief Treasurer is possible, as is Chief Cashier.
    Cash Management Officer, or simply Cash Manager, would be the simplest way to translate this position title.

    Best of luck.
  3. teacheranita Member

    Thanks a lot Frida-nc . Yes, as a matter of fact I find some of our positions very peculiar. I like your ideas. Regards!

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