Jefe de UTP (Unidad Técnico Pedagógica)

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    Chile, español
    A jefe de UTP is the person in charge of the organization of a school, the subjects, the hours of the teachers, the time table etc


    American English
    In elementary and secondary schools in the U.S., a principal or vice-principal is usually the person who decides all of these things. There usually isn't a person, separate from the school's principal (director) that does these tasks. If "prinicpal" doesn't seem appropriate to you, other options might be head teacher or lead teacher. Hope they help.



    Spanish, Chile

    In chilean's school, "Jefe de UTP" (Unidad Técnico Pedagógica) is the person who makes sure teachers are doing their jobs professionally...
    What's the name of that possition or job in english?

    Thank you...


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    In England it is known as the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills (Ofsted)

    In Scotland it is known as Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education (HMIE)

    I think it will have many names depending on the country you mean.



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    In Chile there is a person who is in charge of the curriculum department at school, he/she works as an academic coordinator helping and supervising the teachers' work, different from the principal. I'm not sure about the correct name of that person in English.
    Thanks in advance.