Jerk it out

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    Thank you :) The context is the same (I mean, the same in the link) because it's the same song, "Jerk it out" by Caesars Palace.

    "...Cuz it's easy once you know how it's done
    You can't stop now
    It's already begun
    You feel it
    Running through your bones
    And you jerk it out..."

    What do you think this means?


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    "Jerk It Out" is a song by Caesars which originally appeared on their album Love for the Streets and is also featured on the follow-up Paper Tigers in remixed form. There is also a Jason Nevins club remix, called "Jerk It Harder". Band members have been quoted as saying the phrase "jerk it out" and the song's lyrics mean "to just let out some steam, freak out, let yourself go, get crazy, etc.".