jerk you bald-headed [southern US] [+ snatch you baldheaded]

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Hello. I'm watching a video of Southern US expressions (sometimes I think that the expression is not only used in the US but it's the pronunciation that makes it southern) and the woman below says "If you cheat on me I will jerk you bald-headed". Could you please tell me if "to jerk someone baldheaded" means "to tear off all of their hair"? Thank you.


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    This is an expression that I've never heard before. However, I found a reference to it on another web page and this is the meaning given:-
    SNATCH [or GRAB or JERK] BALDHEADED: To defeat thoroughly, thrash, beat up, manhandle, treat roughly, etc. (hence) to stun, amaze. (Historical Dictionary of American Slang, Dictionary of American Regional English)
    Admittedly I'm not from the south of the USA, or even American. But I've lived in the USA for quite a long time and, as I said, today is the first time I've encountered this expression. And since the definition is taken from a historical dictionary, I think that the expression may now be rather old-fashioned. Although you now understand it, I would suggest that you probably don't need to try to use it yourself.

    Here is the web page where I found the reference. You'll need to scroll quite a long way down the page in order to see it:
    to run "bald headed" at it. - Wordwizard
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