1. maddie87 Senior Member

    Est-ce que c'est necessaire utiliser la subjonctif quand j'écrit 'j'éspere que tu reçoives ma lettre' ou je peux dire 'j'éspere que tu recevras ma lettre' ?

  2. zaby

    zaby Senior Member


    Il ne faut pas utiliser le subjonctif avec espérer :
    'j'espère que tu recevras ma lettre'
  3. Johanne

    Johanne Senior Member

    In an affirmative sentence, you always use indicative form : J'espère que tu as reçu/recevras ma lettre.

    In a negative sentence, you always use subjonctive form : Je n'espère pas que tu aies reçu ma lettre.
  4. dnldnl Senior Member

    Russian, Ukrainian
    If you're wondering with which expressions you can use subjunctive in the affirmative, you can consult this popular site. Even though, it's not comprehensive, it seems to explain the rules of subjunctive quite well.
  5. jann

    jann co-mod'

    English - USA
    to add to dnldnl and Johanne's helpful advice, there is a rule which is easy to remember...

    use the subjunctive with penser, croire, and espérer in: phrases négatives et questions affirmatives avec inversion

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