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Japanese (Tokai)
Hi, I have a question about the following sentences: how are they different in interpretation?
(I'm just collecting data and don't understand Polish at all.)

(1) Jan jest moim najlepszym przyjacielem.
(2) Jan to moj najlepszy przyjaciel.
(3) Jan to jest moj najlepszy przyjaciel.
  • jasio

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    They mean the same thing. It's "mój", though.
    Except that the first variant sounds the most natural and universal to me. I can think of a context where the second variant is OK as well, but I could hardly imagine where or when I would use the third one. Perhaps during a longer conversation about Jan - but then I would skip the subject.
    (we're talking about Jan)
    - To mój najlepszy przyjaciel (he's my best friend)


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    Are you being descriptive or prescriptive?
    Did I write "I would skip" or "you should skip"? :-D

    I've heard people say things like (3) all my life.
    With exactly this wording? What can I say?
    In my bubble I would use #1 anyway, then perhaps #2 (or perhaps on equal chances at the best). But never #3. As long as I'm sober, that is. But apparently in your bubble it's the other way round.


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    To me #1 sounds more natural. #2 would be the second choice. I would only use 3 if I wanted to emphasize it.
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