Jesus Christ is God come to save

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Lucy 234

Senior Member
Hi all,
I came across the following sentence, but I don't know how to analyze its usage for it has two verb.
Can I understand it as " Jesus Christ is God (who has) come to save us."

" Jesus Christ is God come to save us."(from: Jesus the King: Understanding the Life and Death of the Son of God)

Thank you in advance.
  • Hans in Texas

    Senior Member
    US English
    Help Lucy. I think your understanding is correct. We often see only a verb participle representing a relative pronoun plus auxiliary verb.

    Who will repair the window (which was) broken in the storm?
    We ate a cake (which was) baked in France.
    The man (who was) arrested by the police was innocent.
    We will listen the music (which will be) played on the radio.
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