Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews

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    Hi friends! Happy to have joined this Hebrew forum.
    I need to submit a project for which I need the words as written on Jesus' cross - the translation to Hebrew for Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews.
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    Wikipedia claims the phrase is rendered ישוע הנצרי ומלך היהודים (Jesus the Nazarite and King of the Jews).
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    Of course, no one can know for sure.
  4. Nunty

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    In Hebrew translations of the New Testament, you find:

    Mark 15:26 - מלך היהודים (King of the Jews)
    Luke 23:38 - זהו מלך היהודים (This is the king of the Jews)

    Jesus of Nazareth literally ישוע מנצרת and is sometimes translated ישוע הנוצרי.
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    I assumed that the question is about John 19:19.
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    OK, then perhaps you could have given a translation for it?

    The translations I have give:

    ישוע מנצרת, מלך היהודים - Tirgum Hadash (New Translation) and Ivrit bat yameinu (Modern Hebrew)

    ישוע הנצרי, מלך היהודים - Delitch, Ginzburg

    Basically, what I gave above. ;)
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    You are probably aware of this but just to be absolutely clear: There is not record any Hebrew version of the inscription on the cross. The only testimonies we have are the Gospels containing the Greek versions only. Hebrew and Latin versions are mentioned in the Gospels but not given. And the four Gospels do not even agree on the precise Greek text. As Origumi mentioned, the English text you gave in your question is a translation of the version according to John.

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