Jeu des sept familles

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  1. Agnes750 New Member

    France, French
    Hi there !

    Please help me with this : jeu de sept familles
    Seven families cards deck ?

    Thank you so much
  2. FrançoisXV Senior Member

    Français, France
    Seven families card game, I think.
  3. Xanthius

    Xanthius Senior Member

    I'm not sure I understand that. 'Seven families card game'...? Is it a game played between a few friends - or do you need seven families to play?
  4. Xanthius

    Xanthius Senior Member

    I've found it! It's
    Happy Families

    I quote: This British version of the game is played with a special pack of 44 cards depicting the mother, father, son and daughter of eleven families. In the French Jeu des Sept Familles version, each family has six members including two grandparents, so that the seven families make up a 42-card pack. (source)

    See also this.
  5. dewsy Senior Member

    England, english
    in English it's called "Happy Families"
  6. Agnes750 New Member

    France, French
    Thank you so much!
    Let's say a Happy families card game ?
  7. FrançoisXV Senior Member

    Français, France
  8. Française75 Senior Member

    the link does not work
  9. alisonp Senior Member

    English - UK
    How you translate it is going to depend entirely on your context: it may be quite appropriate to "localise" it for an English-speaking audience by calling it "Happy Families", or it may not.
  10. petite chérie Senior Member

    near Paris
    France, French
    And when you're actually playing the game how do you ask for cards? In French we say "Dans la famille untel je voudrais le fils"
    My guess "I'd like the So and So son". What do you think?


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