jeux d’exercices sur la base recette


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Can anyone help me to understand the expression "jeux d’exercices sur la base recette"?

It appears in a document about providing HR services.

Préparation des formations (préparation du formateur au contexte client et des jeux d’exercices sur la base recette) et rédaction des supports de cours personnalisés (avec remise d’un fichier Word ou PDF pour les supports:
1660€ HT par jour

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    In jeux d'exercices, "jeux" is synonym of "ensembles" (sets of exercises).
    But "sur la base recette" is quite obscure. It seems "recette" may be a previously mentioned set of exercises, and the provided jeux exercises are based on (sur la base) "recette". But this is just an hypothesis.
    Can you find any previous reference to this "recette" in the document?
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    The client is learning how to use an application that they call "la base recette". ("la base" = la base de données, and "recette" may be a bookkeeping thing for instance)

    So, "jeux d’exercices sur la base recette" = set of exercises on income database (for instance).

    Juste an educated guess, of course, we don't have enough context to be positive.
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