1. fransua Senior Member


    Comment traduire correctement "jeux de hasard" ?

    Je ne pense pas que "lotterie game" couvrent l'ensemble des jeux.

    Merci de vos suggestions
  2. Keith Bradford

    Keith Bradford Senior Member

    Brittany, NW France
    English (Midlands UK)
    Gambling for the practice and the industry in general; a game of chance for the specific game. A lottery game is only the type that depends on the drawing of numbered balls or tickets (= le loto, le tombola).
  3. ultrasleek Senior Member

    French/ France
    I suppose "games of chance" is not the best way of putting it but I can't think of any other.
    Any suggestions?
  4. franc 91 Senior Member

    English - GB
    do you mean gambling?
  5. The Prof

    The Prof Senior Member

    'Games of chance' sounds best to me unless you specifically mean gambling games where money is in involved.

    Both the French and the English terms - jeux de hasard / games of chance - include both gambling and non-gambling games:

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