Jewish people and Jews


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Q: What is the difference between Jewish people and Jews?
I have no idea what they are saying...

Ira Glass
So Parker, let's talk about our disagreement about the Jews. Parker It's not a disagreement about Jewish people, Ira. Ira Glass Listen to how you said that.

The rest of conversation is pretty simple..

Parker What did I say? I said Jewish people.
Ira Glass You mean the Jews?
Parker Jewish people.
Ira Glass The Jews.
Parker Jewish people. I mean, I get the irony of me telling you it's Jewish people, but it's Jewish people.
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    Some people consider the term "Jews" to be derogatory so much so that they adhere to "Jewish people." It's like calling Native Americans Indians.


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    Some people, myself included, use the term "Jewish people" because the term "Jews" is too often used in a derogatory manner. That's why B continues to use "Jewish people" as a subtle correction to A's use of "the Jews."

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    Jewish people and Jews

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