J'hallucine !


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In the same register as "On nage en plein délire", we have "J'hallucine !".

This expression is also brought from psychiatry. An hallucination is when the person sees, hears, smells or touches something which doesn't exist in the reality (like seeing a flying pen above her head, or hearing voices which says to kill someone).
In "j'hallucine !", you've read or heard something you can't believe to be true, real.

The only difference between "On nage en plein délire" and "J'hallucine !" is that with the first one, the whole situation is unbelievable, whereas in the second one, a sentence, a word (read or heard) is unbelievable.
To compare, the "On nage en plein délire" camera's plan is panoramic, whereas the "J'hallucine !"'s camera's plan takes only a tiny part of a whole landscape (like the swimming pool or the tiny flower).

Thanks for your ideas
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    Oh, quelle nouille je peux bien être ! (en même temps, vu la bataille que je mène avec les administrations depuis 9 mois à plein temps, j'en viens à oublier le plus évident ! ;))

    Existe t-il une ou plusieurs expressions idiomatiques en anglais pour rendre "J'hallucine!" ?
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