1. agrouba

    agrouba Banned

    Arabic ;)

    je comprends pas trop le contexte de ce mot et son utilisation?

    j'hallucine ....

    j'ai beinsur consulter le dico.

  2. BMR

    BMR Senior Member

    = I'm dreaming (but it's stronger)
    = I can't believe that
    = It's impossible
    it's a colloquial exclamation : j'hallucine !!!
  3. karlooie Member

    It's an old post but I come up searching for a translation of J'hallucine... I think I'd rather I'm shocked. I'm Italian so I'm not really sure about that, but I speak French and I use a lot this expression. I'll appreciate comments and critics!
  4. tilt

    tilt Senior Member

    Nord-Isère, France
    French French
    I'd translate J'hallucine ! like BMR did : I can't believe it!
    is another option.

    It's a much common expression in young people's language.
  5. karlooie Member

    I was looking up for j'hallucine because a friend tonight was supposed to come over for dinner.. She got to the suburb, she couldn't find the street, and she wrote me an sms telling me she was on her bus back to her place.
    I spoke with another friend, and I had to say j'hallucine, I think there's not a translation (neither in Italian) on how I use this term in French. I agree with I can't believe it but in my mind J'allucine has much more emphasis. May be me and my friends we use in a wrong way J'allucine.... But we love it!
    Thanks, Carlo

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