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Dear all,

I am a bit confused for the pronunciation of the syllable "jiàn".I thought that the pronunciation is unique.

The syllable "jiàn" in the word for soy sauce that means jiàngyou is pronounced in a different way as for example in the words zàijiàn or jiànbào.

Can you help me with this ?
  • Jiàng should not be analyzed as jiàn + g.

    Breaking down:
    Jiàn = j + i + àn (àn is a final that does not allow further breakdown)
    Jiàng = j + i + àng (àng is another final that can't be broken down further; you should learn it as a whole and separately from àn)
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    Dear all,

    Many thanks for your feedback.

    Dear all,

    Could you recommend me a good website where I can learn in a reasonable way the pronunciation of the different syllables such as jiàn and jiàng?