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On the book "Da Vinci Code" I read "Assemble a jigsaw puzzle in the dark" but a have not clue what jigsaw means.
It sound a difficult word. :eek:

Who help me please? :rolleyes:

I asked many other question on this Thread "Da Vinci Code" as I am tryng to read it in English, and all explenation are very welcome. :D

Thank you in advance!!!
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    Hmm.. a jigsaw is a specific type of saw with a narrow, vertical blade used to cut sharp curves.Usually, the blade is about a quarter inch wide, so that you can turn it in a smaller space.
    A jigsaw puzzle is a puzzle that consists of a mass of irregularly shaped pieces that, when fitted together, form a picture. (Nowadays, they are usually made of cardboard, but originally, when they were made of wood, I'm sure they would have been cut with a jigsaw.)
    Trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle in the dark would be extremely frustrating, if not a completely futile waste of time.
    Does that fit the context?


    Spicy, a jigsaw puzzle is a children's game which consists in assembling a number of pieces (mainly cardboard pieces) in order to form a picture. In Spanish we call it ROMPECABEZAS. I think it is called ROMPICAPO in Italian.
    It seems to me that reading The Da Vinci Code is really a jigsaw puzzle, isn't it? I haven't read it yet, but my English teacher is reading it and she says it's really rivetting! :) Bye!

    jigsaw (puzzle) a picture stuck onto wood or cardboard and cut into irregular pieces which must be joined together correctly to form the picture again
    We spent all evening doing a 1000-piece jigsaw.
    (figurative) After the fall of Communism, the map of Eastern Europe started to look like a nationalistic jigsaw.
    (figurative) The police are trying to piece together the jigsaw (= solve the complicated problem) of how the dead man spent his last hours.
    Jigsaw a tool with an electric motor and a thin steel blade which is used for cutting curves in flat materials, such as wood or metal
    A jigsaw can cut angles, corners and shapes quickly and precisely.


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    Thank you very much Sharon- yes, it fits the context!!!
    I asked many other questions on the Thread "Da Vinci Code" and I would really appreciate if you give a look.........
    All explenation are very welcome :) :)


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    Spicy...I'm going there now. I am glad to help!
    Also, "All explanations are very welcome." :) :)
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