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I'm listening to a reggaeton song and I don't recognize this word...

does jipeta = jeep? The lyrics are "hagamos el amor in la jipeta..." so I'm thinking it does mean Jeep. How classy jiji.
  • It might mean an SUV in Dominican Spanish.
    A "jipeta" is the equivalent to an SUV (Ford Explorer, Lincoln Navigator, Toyota Landcruiser) in the Dominican Republic, and a "camioneta" would then be the equivalent to a truck (Ford "F" series, Toyota Hilux). This is a small distinction in terms of vehicles, but in conversation with Dominicans it is an important detail to recognize.
    Source: http://www.dr1.com/support/262/what-is-the-difference-between-a-jipeta-and-a-camioneta.html