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  1. susanna76 Senior Member

    Hi there,

    How would you give the pronunciation of the Catalan name Joan in English? I'm having trouble with that first sound, J. I don't think it exists in English. (Does it?)

    Thank you!
  2. Agró

    Agró Senior Member

    Alta Navarra
    It does, in some varieties of Catalan.

    Fon.: ʒuán (or., bal.); ʤuán (occ., Cast., Al.); ʧuán (Val.).
  3. sound shift

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    English - England
    IPA /ʒ/ occurs in English "leisure", so English speakers ought to be able to pronounce Catalan "Joan".
  4. Agró

    Agró Senior Member

    Alta Navarra
    Right. I was thinking of an initial j- [ʤ-], as in 'John'.
  5. susanna76 Senior Member

    Right. Thank you both! I kept thinking of words with /dʒ/, like Agró. Somehow I couldn't think of any examples with /ʒ/ only. Thank you!
  6. ernest_

    ernest_ Senior Member

    Catalan, Spain
    At the beginning of a word, only in loan words, as far as I know: genre.
  7. susanna76 Senior Member

    Right, great example! It actually gave me the answer to a question I forgot to ask: how to write the sound of /ʒ/ without using the phonetic IPA. I looked up genre and remembered: it's [zh] that I should use (the pronunciation of genre is given as [zhahn-ruh]). Thank you! (Of course, leisure is similar, but I didn't look it up in a dictionary then, and so I didn't see the [zh], which would have answered my latent question.)
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