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    if you are talking abuot the important aspects of a job... is it the important things that come from having a job ie: money, better sense of responsibility... or is it the qualities a person has to have for a job ie: a teacher needs to like kids and be organized ?
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    I take the phrase "important aspects of a job" to be the various components of the job itself and which of them is important to whom. If I'm a bank teller, only one of the aspects of my job is to give money to bank customers. It's obviously a more important aspect of the job than some other mundane task that I may be asked to do. Another important aspect of one job over the other, in my point of view (if I were job-hunting, for example), would be the salary. I think it also depends on whom you ask: the employer may well have different priorities for each aspect of a job than the employee does:

    Employer: "Getting those documents finished is a very important aspect of this job!"

    Employee: "Well, I also think my coffee break is important, too!"

    Short answer: I think both your examples are correct... depends on a person's point of view.
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    There are positive aspects to a job, negative aspects to a job and aspects to a job that you don't view as either.

    The aspects might be:

    Salary (well paid/badly paid)
    Hours of work (social hours [9am - 5pm] / anti-social hours [working shifts/rota])
    Future prospects [promotion]/dead end job [no chance of promotion]
    Using your abilities to the full (or not)
    Responsibility/lack of responsibility
    Working on your own initiative/being told what to do
    Varied work/routine and repetative work
    Good working environment (or not)
    State of the art, up-to-date, modern conditions/antiquated conditons
    Contact with other people [customer service]/No contact with other people [be your own boss/do as you please]
    Travel [being away from home/family] / No travel [always near home/near family]
    Job driven by targets [commission payments]/no targets set [no bonuses]
    Perks of the job/lack of perks
    Wearing smart business clothes/dress as you wish
    Wear a uniform/dress as you wish

    The aspects of a job are as you view them, according to what you are looking for in a job. What is important to you may not be important to others. Employers interview people to find out what is important to them and select accordingly. Think about the aspects of the job and decide accordingly.

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