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Hello! What phrase(s) is/are commonly used for "job offer" in MSA? Some options I'm puzzling over:

عرض عمل
عرض وظيفة
عرض وظيفي
عرض توظيف

To me, عرض توظيف sounds best, but I don't know how commonly it's used. عرض وظيفة seems to be at best ambiguous, based on some Internet searching: it seems like at least one of its possible meanings is "posting a job announcement." عرض وظيفي sounds odd to me but seems to be relatively commonly used, as does عرض عمل.

Any insights appreciated!
  • cherine

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    The first thing that came to my mind when I read the thread title was عرض عمل but I find your suggestion عرض توظيف also good.
    I don't think there's a set equivalent for this expression in Arabic, so any of the two should be fine. The other ones sound strange to me, so I'd vote against using them:)


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    I also think that عرض عمل is more common, as long as the context shows that the intended meaning is "job offer" not "business offer".
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