1. Jum Member

    France français
    Hi everyone,

    Could please tell me what "job placement" means exactly, like in "when will finish your job placement ?"
  2. rd78565 Senior Member

    Grand Rapids, Michigan
    English, USA
    I think usually the phrase job placement is used in english when referring to an internship or on-the-job instruction. In the United States university students in many professions (especially business and health professions) must have experience working (as a student) in their field before they are allowed to graduate. Such time spent learning at a job is often called a student's job placement.

    Perhaps others will be able to add to this or come up with another useage.
  3. Jum Member

    France français
    Cheerss !!!
  4. Placements New Member

    India - Hindi & English
    Nice Question Dear. Actually Jobs Placement is the process of being placed somewhere, in some organization or company.
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  5. Docbike Senior Member

    english, UK
    Hi. In the UK at least, "job placement" is as Placements said, referring to someone actively seeking employment. If they are still students, it is called "work experience", and not so directly related to eventually employment. Hope it helps.
  6. Micia93

    Micia93 Senior Member

    in the center of France
    so it means "recherche d'emploi" ? (can you please insert it in a sentence?)
  7. Docbike Senior Member

    english, UK
    Sorry Micia, I misled you. No, it is someone doing a job, but only temporarily to see if they suit it, and it suits them.
  8. Micia93

    Micia93 Senior Member

    in the center of France
    thank you and sorry to insist : can it be translated by "période d'essai" ?
  9. RobChab New Member

    If I well understood the definition of rd78565, it will be more as a "stage" in french.
  10. Keith Bradford

    Keith Bradford Senior Member

    Brittany, NW France
    English (Midlands UK)
    For me, it's the succesful result of the "recherche d'emploi". As in "After trying for several months, he finally got a job placement with an engineering group", or "When I qualified to be a teacher, my first placement was in a middle school".

    But personally, I would only use placement when referring to a large organisation which exercises some power over where an employee is located. I wouldn't talk about a placement at a corner shop.

    I have the impression that this is a distinctly different meaning from the one mentioned in #7 and #9. Both are probably right?
  11. Micia93

    Micia93 Senior Member

    in the center of France
    so, it's merely "une place"
  12. RobChab New Member

    I think it depends on the situation, I'm looking for concrete example, but I'm pretty sure that (at least in my school) it means a temporary job to get some work experience, especially for student.

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