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Please, help me with the following sentences - do I correctly understand the usage of the verb to jockey in those sentences? I will be grateful for your explanations.

Salt Lake Tribune-15 hours ago
Fillmore • For months, local leaders throughout Utah have lobbied and jockeyed for part of an extra $100 million that the Legislature made ...

I assume jockeyed means here that those local leaders skillfully maneuvered making certain attempts to get extra 100M. Is this so?

2) Other residents joined him as officers directed traffic and vehicles at the front of the line jockeyed to get ahead of each other.
WTTV CBS4Indy-Sep 13, 2017

I assume here jokdyed means that they moved rapidly and skillfully (as if a horse rider) trying to be the first.

NY1-Sep 11, 2017
The candidates have instead jockeyed to be seen as the most progressive reformer.

Here jockeyed seems to be used in a sense of using tricks and/or rapid skillful tactics to create a certain appearance.

Thank you very much!
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