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Hi !

I'd like you to explain something to me. I've got a text from a technical manual - an EPS (polystyrene) cutting machine.

One of the instructions is:

Press the Jog button to
run the frequency order of inching.

I don't understand what this means. I don't understand the meaning of Jog here, and I don't get the general idea, either.

Could you please help me ?


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    I only know the word "jog" (in the context of electronics) in regard to a audio/video machine. This control is a wheel or dial that you spin to control the speed of the video picture. Literally "jog" means to play the video slowly, but the same control can also speed it up (called "shuttle" according to the terminology).

    This is explained in a bit more detail in this Wikipedia article.

    A similar dial can control other functions as well as video speed, which is clearly the case here. However, jog "button" does not seem correct as a jog control is a dial, although perhaps, rather like a mouse wheel, it can be pressed too, so may have a double function as a button.
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