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  1. pprofesora Member

    USA English
    How would you say these words:

    She goes jogging. She a jogger. She joined cross country. ¡Gracias!
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  2. Oldy Nuts

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    Spanish - Chile
    Are you sure all the expressions are in correct English? Did you take a look at the dictionaries?
  3. Meiko_tulipan Member

    Spanish (Spain)
    She goes jogging. = (ella) hace footing/sale a correr a diario/habitualmente

    She's a jogger. = a jogger is a person who runs every day, so, (ella) es una persona que hace footing/ es una persona que corre habitualmente/a diario.

    She joined cross country. = I don't know. Is "cross country" a kind of race?
  4. greenheyes Senior Member

    British English (Cheshire)
    Cross country: Carrera a campo traviesa.
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  5. sancholibre Senior Member

    Nueva York
    I would not say hacer footing and stick with trotar/hacer un trote. A synonym of trotar is correr al trote. I am a marathon runner with running circles in Mexico few running friends in Spain, so just my two cents for you. :D


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