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Is there a term in the study of English language that describes names such as Johnny Law, the cop or police?
I'm asking because I want to look for things that are thought of as people such as Johnny Law.

Jack frost is acceptable. These examples may involve more than just anthropomorphism and personification since it goes beyond that to give both human form and human names to non-human things.
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    Hullo AS. I'm pretty sure you won't find better than personification. (e.g.)
    (Johnny Law is new to me. BrE Old Bill is similar.)
    Looks like personification is the term I have been looking for.

    Uncle Sam - How come I missed this one!
    Old Bill - is new to me

    Thanks ewie

    I came across these

    Mother Nature - Virtually everybody knows this
    Father Time - new to me
    Jack Frost = Winter (Mentioned above)
    John Barleycorn = A personification of alcoholic liquor.
    The Grim Reaper = Death
    John Bull = A personification of England
    Britannia = a female personification of Britain
    Johnny Canuck = A personification of Canada
    Columbia = The female personification of the USA.
    Helvetia = The national personification of Switzerland.
    Father Sky = The personification of the Sky and its biosphere.

    Fury = female personification of vengeance
    Law and Order = Lady Justice
    1- Search for definitions: personification
    2- National Personification
    3- Dictionaries
    4- Wikipedia
    Others not mentioned
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