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I have read somewhere that the best way to say "to join a club" such as a gym or sports club, would be to say, "Je suis devenu membre du club." Does "rejoindre" mean more or less "to join" as in "to join up with one's friends?" Ex. Je rejoinds mes amis au café ce soir. Tu veux nous rejoindre?" Speaking of the word "gym," is it "la gym" or "le gym?" It seems as if I have seen it used with both genders. Are there other words out there that can both genders and have the same meaning? I realize some words change meaning if the gender changes. Ex. la tour (the tower), le tour (a tour). Merci à tous d'avance. :)
  • fetchezlavache

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    your examples are correct, although we spell 'je rejoins mes amis'. on rejoint aussi une destination : cette route rejoint nice.

    it's 'la gym' and it doesn't indicate the gym clubs. it's only the discipline, gymnastics. we say 'club de gym, club de sport, club de fitness, etc'...