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I am trying to tranlate into English aluminium or plastic "frames" of a window. Is this called joinery work? Here is some context:Rumen Draganov, Director of the Institute of Analysis and Assessment, shares with BTA (Bulgarian Telegraph Agency) that in ten years, 5 per cent of the hotel built-up areas will turn into a dead zone of desolate hotels robbed of their joinery work, cables, floor coverings, and roofs.
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    a carpenter, esp. one who constructs doors, window sashes, paneling, and other permanent woodwork.

    joinery: 1.the craft or trade of a joiner.2.woodwork made by a joiner.

    Anything I've found on "joinery" always refers to woodwork such as cabinetry, fine woodwork, etc. so I'm not sure that "joinery" would apply to aluminium or plastic window frames.

    I would be inclined to think that "joinery work" in a hotel might be the decorative crown or cove moulds or baseboards or chair rails rather than window frames.

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    Joinery is carpentry - the joints are joints in wood. So I'd think the joinery work in this context would mean things like wooden door- and window-frames, maybe also fitted cupboards in the rooms. I'd imagine these things could have a use elsewhere.

    If the frames are metal, I think we'd say 'robbed of their metal window-frames'.


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    Thanks for the answer. I see what you meanYes, and yet this is what the dictionary says: I need the word for the frame of window: they can be aluminium, plastic, wooden. When it is old, we change it. Bulgarian into English dictiories are not consistent enough!