Joke - When is a door not a door?

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    The other day I was reading a comic in English (which I had read in Spanish before) and I saw this joke, and I didn't get it. Can anybody explain it?

    In the Spanish version, the riddle was "oro parece, plata no es". (The answer is "plátano", because the riddle said "plata-no es".)

    Any help?
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  2. JCEst Senior Member

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    Ajar is an adjective that means a door is open a little bit, not fully closed.
  3. unokpasabaxaki Member

    España, español
    OK. Thanks. I thought the lack of a white space was a mistake.
  4. Masood

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    ¿Cuándo es una puerta no una puerta?
    Cuando es un tarro ("a jar"...entreabierta)

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