Jon was late for school + modal verbs of speculation

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  1. tireless Senior Member

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    Hola de nuevo:

    Estoy haciendo un ejercicio. Tengo que completar la frase con otra, usando modal verbs of speculation.

    Me gustaría saber cómo suenan estas frases:

    Jonathan was late for school.

    He must have been affected by the school bus strike.

    He couldn’t have slept after the quarrel he had with his father yesterday.

    He must have be suffering from insomnia again.

    Muchas gracias,
  2. Kungli Senior Member

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    Muy bien, en la última sólo necesitas cambiar...
    He must have been suffering...
  3. Santiago Jorge

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    The first one doesn't sound speculative to me. It is more a statement of fact. The last three are more speculating.

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