Jordanian Arabic: معجوقين


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A few years ago a Jordanian band named Autostrad released a song called يا سلام
In it appear the following sentences
بس بدنا نعيش
ولو في تطنيش
معجوقين ع-الفاضي
زي الدراويش

What does معجوقين mean?
Somewhere online I read it might be معجوهين
Although I disagree I was wondering what does معجوهين mean.
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    It's معجوقين (or معجوئين) and it means something like "excited." Yes, it's related to عجقة/عجئة.


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    Thank you
    So what does -معجوقين ع-الفاضي mean: Excited over nothing? Excited by nothing?


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    I learned (متشوّق) for 'excited' in Lebanese. Is this term used in Jordanian/Palestinian? How exactly does it differ from (معجوق)?

    Also, are there verbs (عجق) and/or (عجّق) in MSA or any Levantine dialect?

    *When it comes to this root, Almaany mentions only two nouns: (عَجَق) = 'bottleneck/constriction/crowding/(traffic) jam' and (عاجوقة) = 'dead men'.عجق/


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    I wouldn’t translate معجوق as excited, it’s more like “busy” or “overwhelmed” or “in a hurry”.

    عجقة means: crowd or crowded, noisy, congestion, messy, entwined, twisted…etc.
    عجقة سير =traffic jam/ congestion
    شعر معجوق/معجّق = messy/un-combed hair
    شو هل عجقة هاي؟ = what’s this mess/ noise/ both?
    وسط البلد عجقة كتير = crowded

    I don’t see a relation with متشوّق - Lebanese, Palestinian, MSA, or otherwise.
    Please note that متشوّق itself is only an approximation to excited, it doesn’t actually mean excited.

    Also, are there verbs (عجق) and/or (عجّق) in MSA or any Levantine dialect?
    This is Levantine, I’m not sure there is an MSA root. It’s probably مولّدة.


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    Just to reaffirm what Mahaodeh wrote, in Jordan the most common context in which I hear this word is أنا معجوق بالشغل, i.e. "I'm really busy with work". In the song lyrics quoted in the original post, I think the singer is saying that their lives are really busy and overwhelming but it's all for nothing, so to speak.