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    Are these suitable? The dictionary does include verb suggestions:

    journal vi(keep a diary)tenir un journal, écrire un journal loc v
    écrire dans son journal, écrire son journal loc v
    Shelley journals every day in a beautiful leather-bound book.
    Shelley écrit son journal tous les jours dans un beau cahier relié en cuir.
    journal [sth] vtr(record thoughts)consigner dans un journal loc v
    Mary always took time on the weekend to journal her week's experiences.
    Mary prenait toujours un peu de temps le week-end pour consigner ses expériences de la semaine dans un journal.


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    Hello, Conbonfon :)

    I think that this was rather a question for the English-French forum where you could have checked your try with the help of the dictionary entry that KellyB gave you.

    As this is not an error report, I'm closing this thread.