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The sentence below is excerpted from the source:

“Summer Gaines was a clown from Keokuk, Iowa. She was wearing a taupe dress. Instead of a hug, she offered her hand. When he shook her hand, he was shocked with a joy buzzer”.

It’s a kind of romance story. What does ‘joy buzzer” means?

I found the meaning of buzzer as - A signaling device that makes a buzzing sound (E.g. : Door bell)

How it relates to the above context? I assume, it mean – He feels extreme happiness, keeps her in the heart.

That's my understanding. But I am not sure that my assumption is correct.

Please share your opinions on this.

Thanks in advance
  • perpend

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    There's actually a little device that clowns put into their hands, and when you shake their hand (it's hidden), the device buzzes.

    I haven't read your link, so that may not be right, but it reminded me of said device.


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    Thank you perpend for your explanation. But I confused what it relates in the above context? As I said, Did he feel extreme happiness after he shook her hand.?. I am afraid that, I am not getting it clearly.Could anyone please explain it?