jsem u něho

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    Dobrý den,

    jak řeknu "jsem u něho"? Ve smyslu u něho na návštěvě. "I am at his home" ?

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    Hi Wings11, and welcome to the forum! With a single sentence taken out of context, it's impossible to guess whether you are looking for a polite/neutral equivalent or something colloquial. Here the some options:

    Jsem u něho.
    I'm at his home/flat/house (now - právě). (Neutral, appropriate for any context)
    I'm at his place (now). (More colloquial, because of the use of "place")
    I'm over at his place (now). (Colloquial and idiomatic.)
    I'm round his place (now). (Colloquial and not strictly correct because of the preposition "round", but you certainly hear this).
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    Thank you very much:)

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