Judean people VS Jewish people

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Hi all,

Do "Judean people" and "Jewish people" mean the same? Is there any difference? Could you help me understand it? thank you!
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    "Judean people" are people from the region of Judea, a historic name of a Roman province, and sometimes applied today to part of what is often called the West Bank.

    "Jewish people" means people who practiced, or practice today, the Jewish religion. Some uses of this term include people who do not practice it today, but who did in the past or whose ancestors did.

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    Where have you seen Judean people? "Judean" means "of Judea" (the geographical region or the Roman province). or possibly "of Judah" (the historic kingdom, or the tribe). "Jew" also derives from Judah.

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    Thank you for your help. Egmont Uncle Jack

    I saw "Judean people" online.
    such as:
    It wasn't too long before the Judean people became second-class citizens in their own country. The Roman Boat People became very wealthy and bought up all of the food in Judea. Travesty


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    The book in which you saw the word 'Judean' (Travesty by Hayden Bradford) includes a satirical story about Romans seeking asylum in Judea in 770 BC. 'Judean' is the adjective describing someone from Judea. Jews nowadays are not called Judeans.


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    Given that the book is written against a Christian backdrop, it might be relevant to add too that at the time of Jesus there were the Jewish provinces of Judaea, Samaria and Galilee, and in that context, you'd talk about Judaeans (Judeans), Samaritans and Galileans (Galilaeans).
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