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Bonjour ,

Comment traduire "moves" d'un art martial comme le Judo ou Taekwondo?

Par exemple,

My Judo teacher has taught me some of the Judo moves that we saw in the videos just now

Cela peut se traduire en "technique"?

Merci par avance
  • sylber

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    Hello, you could say: les enchaînements de judo que...as 'enchaînement refers not just to one hold, which is practically static, but a series of moves that may lead to a hold.


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    The chosen word for a judo move is 'prise', 'prises de judo' (since it's all basically grappling and such).

    It doesn't work as well for other martial arts such as taekwondo that involve a lot more hitting. In that case, "technique" is good, "enchaînement" works as well but denotes a series of moves as sylber pointed out.
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