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I'm having difficulty finding a translation for 'juego', I'm reading an article about joints and movement. Does anyone know if this means 'range of motion'?

This is the context:

Movilización articular: Traccion pasiva y/o movimientos de deslizamiento aplicados en las superficies articulares que mantienen o restauran el juego normal articular

My attempt is as follows:

Articular mobilisation: Passive traction and/or sliding movements applied to the articular surfaces that maintain or restore the normal articular range of motion

Thank you

...on second thoughts I think 'gliding movements' is more commonly used than 'sliding movements'
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  • Pitxuflitos

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    Hi PNCSA and welcome to WR!

    Given the context, I'd be tempted to translate "juego" as "range of motion" but it isn't strictly correct.

    "ROM" in Spanish is generally called "amplitud de movimiento" or "rango articular".

    However, "juego" refers more to the quality of the movement...the joint flexibility perhaps...

    Truth be told, I'd leave it as "range of motion"! :D

    Just one more thing though, does "joint mobilisation" not sound better than "articular mobilisation" to you? Just an idea.

    Best regards! :)

    PS. And yes, I agree "gliding movements" sounds better.


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    Great help Pitxuflitos, thanks so much.

    Have been pondering the joint/articular question. I chose 'articular' because I thought it was of a higher register and possibly more appropriate for an academic article. But I agree that 'joint mobilisation' sounds better.
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