jugar a la rueda rueda

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  1. MISIONERY Senior Member

    Would you please help me to translate this word " la niña juega a la rueda rueda". This is a kind of childhood game in which they hold their hands and make a circle. While they jump and run into the circle they sing childsongs. It is common in Colombia.
    thank you very much for your important assistance.
  2. sifueratica Senior Member

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  3. Merxe Senior Member

    En España se llama 'jugar al corro'
    Según el diccionario: ring-a-ring-a-roses, US ring-around-a-rosy.

    Si buscas por 'corro' en el WR lo encontrarás.

    Pero como dice sifueratica en cada país la canción es distinta.

    En España se llama el 'corro de la patata.'
  4. MISIONERY Senior Member

    Thank you very much Mexre and Sifueratica. Your help has been very important to me. Have a good day.

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