juice / vig (apuestas)

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  1. Silko Member

    Argentina - Spanish
    Estoy traduciendo un artículo acerca de apuestas, de inglés a castellano, y en una parte dice "the juice or vig taken by the house".

    Alguien sabe cuál es la palabra que se emplea en la "jerga" para traducir correctamente "juice" y "vig" ??

    Muchísimas gracias !
  2. Dlyons

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    English - Ireland
    Both are slang for the house percentage in gambling. "vig" is an abbreviation of "vigorish" which probably comes from the Yiddish or Russian for "winnings".
    What the equivalent jerga castellana is, I have no idea :)

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  3. Silko Member

    Argentina - Spanish
    Sorry !!! The word "jerga" means slang !! :)

    What I meant to say is what would be the Spanish word used by people in the betting/playing business.

    Anyway, your explanation was quite good! At least I know what I'm talking about, haha

    Any ideas on the words in Spanish ?
  4. Dlyons

    Dlyons Senior Member

    English - Ireland
    Yes, I know what "jerga" means :D
    I understood what you were asking but didn't know what a Spanish casino would say.

    From the link, "vig" seems to be used quite commonly in Spanish also.
  5. Silko Member

    Argentina - Spanish
    haha, well then, your Spanish must be pretty good !! :)
    I HATE these translations... really ! I work at a Thoroughbred racecourse, and I'm more used to translating veterinarian or laboratory stuff !

    THANKS !!
  6. xxarikxx New Member

    Costa Rica
    Spanish & English
    In Spanish, for vig/juice, in the gambling industry, it's translated most commonly as "comisión". (Players hate reading "ganancia" when its about the house making money over theirs).

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