juicio de medidas de protección


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Hi again!

In this document from Ecuador I'm working on it mentions "juicio de medidas de protección"-
The sentence where this is foun is this:
Los hermanos xyz se declaran aptos para ser adoptados bajo el juicio de medidas de protección Mo. 1234567.

My best attempt would be this: The siblings are declared fit to be adopted under the precautionary measures trial...
By the way, I have no idea what the "Mo." at the end of that sentence )'Mo. 1234567") means.
If anyone can lend a hand, I would appreciate the help. Thank you!
  • Songbird17

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    I couldn't find where to edit this for another attempt, so I will have to post it here: protective measures trial.
    Has anyone ever heard of this term?

    Joe Esquire

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    Hi, again, Songbird.
    After checking with legal sources in Ecuador, I offer the following, which may be useful,

    (i) on the numbering system: trial court documents are identified by No. de Expediente and No. de Escrito. Appellate Court Rulings will show: No. de Sentencia- followed by a letter code for the type of ruling - followed by a letter code for the tribunal/court involved. However, we are not aware of letter codes used before the actual series of numbers having any particular significance. It may be that you just have a typo, intending to mean No. In either case, it appears to be part of the reference number for the document in question.

    (ii) I realize you did not ask for the following, however you may decide to consider it, and it pertains to the translation of “juicio” in the context noted.
    if your document is older than May 2015, then the injunctive relief sought (as precautionary measures) would be carried out as a trial. After that date, it would have to be carried out as a “Proceso Sumario”, specifically as to injunctive relief for minors (COGEP art. 332), which clearly avoids the use of the term ”juicio”.

    I understand you were given the word “juicio”, and you may wish to stay with the original even if imprecise. Otherwise, Proceso Sumario would translate as Summary Hearing or Summary Process.




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    Hi JoeEsquire,
    Thanks again for coming to my rescue. OK, the way I titled the thread with that term is how it is written in the document. Now, the who thing with that "Mo." in front of the numbers I DO believe is a typo, but that's not a translator's responsibility to fix their mistakes in typing (eso es asunto de ellos y su problema.... ;)) The actual number where that typo is makes mention of "2015"in the series of numbers, so I think it would be safe to use what my attempt was, keeping what you gave me in mind for future reference (Hopefully not since this document has been a royal pain...) Thank you!