Juicio de prescripcion de predios

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    Dear friends,

    Here I have hard question. I am wondering how you would translate into English the phrase "juicio de prescripcion de predios"

    Here is my phrase in Spanish for context:

    Asegura que lo mismo falsifican y duplican folios, firmas y sellos que sustraen o mutilan información privilegiada y adulteran antecedentes registrales, que ponen en riesgo la seguridad jurídica de cientos de inmuebles. Alarmado, dice: "Esto se ha vuelto imposible de controlar. Aquí ingresan 240 juicios de prescripción de predios, algunos de los cuales son falsos".

    My attempt in English:

    “This has become impossible to control. Here we receive every year about 240 lawsuits for acquisitive prescription (or usucaption) (of grounds/lands /premises /property??), some of which are false".

    From the dictionary: Acquisitive prescription (also known as usucaption or usucapio) is a method by which ownership of property can be gained by lapse of time (acquiescence). While usucaption has been compared with adverse possession (that is, squatting), the true effect of usucaption is to remedy defects in title (Wikipedia.com, 2011).

    I hope somebody can help me with this one.

    Thank you !!
  2. Tochka Senior Member

    What you describe seems to have a purpose similar to an action "to quiet title", although I gather the action you're speaking of only involves proving possession over a period of time and doesn't require "quieting" potentially competing interests that have put a cloud on the title.
    Quiet Title Action: "A proceeding to establish the plaintiff's title to land by bringing to court an adverse claimant and there compelling him either to establish his claim or be forever after estopped [stopped/kept] from asserting it." Black's Law Dictionary, 5th ed. [brackets=my own explanation]

    As far as I know, the only way to acquire land by acquiescence is through adverse possession, which usually requires that the use of the land be actual, open, notorious, adverse, continuous, under claim of right, and exclusive for the prescribed period of years--usually 20-30 years.
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  3. David

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    Aquí ingresan 240 juicios de prescripción de predios, algunos de los cuales son falsos".
    Two hundred forty legal assertions of title by adverse possession are filed here annually, many of them fraudulent.

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