jump the runt

Sasha Ivanov

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"How long before them kittens forget they're kin, start fighting and fucking each other?" Manny asked. "How long before they jump the runt?"
They both sniggered, and they were sniggering at me, the fay, the runt of our litter; we were once those kittens-three thick, three warm. And we blood-fought over a tin can of pet milk. And jump the runt was a trick mean as any they pulled on me.
(We the Animals, Justin Torres)

What does it mean "jump the runt"?
  • reno33

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    English - USA
    jump here means = to attack someone usually by sneaking up on him

    the runt = a runt is usually the smallest and weakest member of a group.....usually a demeaning term

    Let's jump the runt = Let's "get" that little punk. (etc) All this is based on an AE background
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